Steven Bucci, PhD **Keynote** The Heritage Foundation

Steven P. Bucci, served America for three decades as an Army Special Forces officer and top Pentagon official, is a Visiting Fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Truluck Center for Leadership Development.

He also is a graduate of the U.S. Army War College, the Hellenic Army War College in Greece, and the Senior Seminar of the Department of State.

Bucci’s next assignment was as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for homeland defense and defense support to civil authorities. He was responsible for overseeing policy issues involving the Defense Domains (air, land, maritime, and cyber), National Guard domestic operational issues, domestic counterterrorism, readiness exercises, and response to natural and man-made disasters. He was the primary civilian overseer of U.S. Northern Command.

Bucci is an adjunct professor of leadership at George Mason University and a former associate professor of terrorism studies and cybersecurity policy at Long Island University.

James McGarvey, PhD, CPS The Church Safety Guys

James McGarvey has served as the Safety Director of a large Baptist Church, in Central Ohio for over fifteen years. He has over 25 years in Public Safety working as an EMS Dispatcher, Firefighter, EMT, Disaster Chaplain, Volunteer Officer for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, and is currently a First Responder/EMS and CRASE Instructor. He is a certified Crime Prevention Specialist who regularly works with law enforcement agencies and churches to assess safety and security needs through environmental design. An expert marksman and trained in executive protection, he has trained 1,000's of individuals in various aspects of public safety.

He has authored over 20 books, 8 of them bestselling, on the topic of church security and safety, church ministry, and church leadership. For over 40 years he has been actively involved with church ministries across the country, including serving in roles as youth pastor, associate pastor, and safety director.

He currently serves on the leadership team for Thrive Church in Central Ohio. He holds an undergraduate degree in Bible from Emmaus Bible College, an MBA in Marketing from Grand Canyon University, and a PhD in Religion from Centurion Bible College.

In 2018 he started the Church Safety Guys because he felt that there was little ministry focus in spiritually equipping and disciplining within church safety and security. He works full-time for the U.S. Defense Department. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and four children.

Mike Scully The Church Safety Guys

Mike brings over three decades in Ministry & Church Leadership and 20+ years of experience in Operations, Safety, Security, Nonprofit Operations & Communications. Mike has served in Emergency Management where he worked on policy, procedures, preparedness, technology, public information, and launched their drone program. He served as a Deputy Director of their Emergency Response Team where he helped with volunteer operations, executive protection, and large scale security event management.

He also worked with Homeland Security and trained with law enforcement across the state on active shooter / active threat and emergency integrated response techniques.

Mike has served 7 years as an elected official and community leader of preparedness, emergency alert information, and crisis communications in a medium-sized community. He is currently living in Austin Texas where he serves as a volunteer with the Round Rock Police Department, as an Experience Advisor at a church plant, in Georgetown, Texas and as a coalition leader of nearly 100 Safety Leaders across Texas. Mike is a CRASE Instructor and trained in executive protection. Mike works full time as a Software Architect. Mike enjoys epic road trips with his wife and their three children.

John Riley Gentle Response De-Escalation

John spent 7 years in the Army as an infantryman, served in Desert Storm, then spent 20 years as a police officer in Grand Rapids, MI. John is a Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist with the National Anger Management Association.

He founded GENTLE RESPONSE in 2016 after being asked to conduct a conflict deescalation class for church security. Today, John and his team work and train with churches, corporations, businesses, state agencies, and law enforcement.

Their goal is to teach conflict de-escalation concepts and skills to help others develop the knowledge and confidence to prevent a volatile situation from becoming a physically violent incident.

Jared Teztlaff Rock Point Church & The Church Safety Guys

Jared serves as the Safety & Security Director at Rock Point Church in Queen Creek, Arizona. He also serves as the Engagement & Outreach Coordinator and Broadcast Host with the national ministry, Church Safety Guys. With over 15 years experience in church ministry, nearly a decade as a Police Officer, and a combined 19 years in corporate and non-profit management, Jared brings a diverse background and experience to the church safety & security arena.

As the Safety & Security Director at one of the fastest growing churches in America, Jared has grown the volunteer team at Rock Point Church from 20 to over 150 volunteers over the last several years. His over 25 years of comprehensive experience has driven his passion for marrying a ministry mindset, operational excellence and layers of leadership. This has allowed Jared to engage in coaching and mentoring other churches of all sizes to protect while serving as they strive to be a thriving part of the mission and ministry in their local house of worship.

Jared’s love language is sarcasm and memes. He loves traveling with his wife and spending time outdoors and supporting their two teenage children in their ministry, music and wrestling endeavors. Jared also loves spending time with family and friends cooking or exploring delicious food that is smoked or cooked over an open flame.

Maddy Scholar The Red Letter Project

Founder and CEO of The Red Letter Project, Maddy found her passion for shooting during her time as a law enforcement specialist in the US Coast Guard. During and after her time in service, she completed her Masters degree oversees in the United Kingdom as the recipient of a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship. She is a 4x published author in addition to her shooting career.

Her goal is to continue to grow RLP as a mission based organization, using shooting as an avenue to help spread the gospel.

Maddy is certified as an instructor through multiple organizations, to include being a Training Counselor for the USCCA. She teaches full time at the Sharpshooters USA academy in addition to the occasional course out of state. She is an avid competitive shooter and looks to include more women in the sport.

In addition, Maddy attributes much of her teaching abilities to her background in competitive cage fighting, skydiving, bullriding, and river diving. Specifically, her passion for combat sports has led her to spread awareness of the importance of understanding how to better defend.

Dustin Alley Men After God

Dustin was born and raised in North East Tennessee where he met his wife Sarah before their Junior year of High School. After graduation he joined the Marine Corps where he served honorably for 9 years as an air traffic controller with two deployments to Afghanistan. After exiting the Marine Corps, Dustin entered full time ministry as an assistant pastor working with youth at Freedom Baptist church in Yuma, AZ.

After 3.5 years God called him to the Lead Pastorate of Liberty Baptist Church in Bristol, Ct. He and Sarah now have three children and serve together in ministry.

As the founder of the Men After God Movement, Dustin desires to see Men grow through content, connection, and coaching to become the men God made them to be for their wife, children, and community.

Who Are the Church Safety Guys?

**Speaker List is Always Tentative Due to Circumstances Out of Our Control if One Cancels or Cannot Make it We will Subsitute to the Best of Our Ability**

Conference Schedule

Friday - 10am to 12pmChurch Security Foundations (Ticket Required) -$35

Hands on learning for you or your team, as we explore the topics of "8 Steps to Starting Your Safety Team", Pastoral Protection, and Crisis Incident Mitigation. Seating Limited to 150.

$35 per ticket until February 14, 2024 (Add on ticket)
*Must have "Church Security Foundations Ticket" or "Complete Event" ticket to attend.*

Friday - 1:30pm to 4:30pmChurch Security Simulation Challenge (Ticket Required) -$35

Simulated training opportunity for your team and discussion on handling large and small scale events. Seating Limited to 150.

*Must have "Church Security Simulation Ticket" or "Complete Event" ticket to attend.

Friday- 6:30pm to 8:30pmVendor Show Case /VIP Meet & Greet Reception (Ticket Required) - $35

Meet the Church Safety Guys and other special guests! Q&A for teams along with an extra session. Special private vendor show case. Tickets are limited (first 100) and light refreshments provided.

$35 per ticket until February 14, 2024 (Add on ticket).
Includes a free signed copy of "5 Secrets To Ministry Team Success".

*Must have "VIP Ticket" or "Complete Event" ticket to attend.*

Saturday 7:30-5:00pmChurch Security Essentials Conference (Ticket Required) - $79

4 Pillars of Church Safety & Security
Having a Ministry Focus
Developing Awareness Skills
Women in Ministry
Panel Discussion
Pastoral Protection
Closing Remarks

$79 per person- until February 14, 2024 - tickets limited.
*Session requires "Church Security Essentials" ticket or "Complete Event" ticket to attend.*


This is half of the range work (4 hours) that is part of 16 hour School Safety course developed by the Texas Department of Public Safety specifically to train armed teachers to carry in schools under the Guardian Program.

This class is also highly recommended for church security personnel, as it teaches skills far beyond the License To Carry Handgun course, and topics extremely relevant to protection of groups of unarmed individuals against active shooter attack.

The KR Training version of this course also includes firing three additional qualification courses of fire: the NRA CCW test, the police officer qualification test for a major Texas city, and the FBI agent shooting test. Those that pass any or all of these additional shooting tests will have that noted on their course certificate, as demonstration of shooting proficiency beyond the state of Texas minimum.
Shooting under Duress (3 and 7 yard Guardian module)
Shooting from cover (barricades)
Coaching to improve 25-50 yard shooting
NRA CCW qualification shooting test
Austin PD qualification shooting test
FBI agent qualification shooting test
Shoot house / armed movement in structures
Pistol, concealment holster, 3 magazines, eye and ear protection, 300 rounds of ammunition. Concealment garment.

To Register for Sunday Session- (Requires Separate Ticket) Please Visit: https://www.shootingclasses.com/krtraining/course/?courseId=3836

The AVODAH Award

The AVODAH Award is a brand new award that we need your help with! As a ministry that seeks to impact churches and houses of worship all over North America, we want to take a moment to thank you- for coming to our confernece and for the tireless hours that you put in everyweek to keep your community and church safe.

The word "AVODAH" is a Hebrew word and comes from the Old Testament meaning to "Work, Worship, and Serve". We believe that church safety and security is a ministry that supports the mission of the church within it's community. As such, we want to recognize those individuals that go above and beoynd to work, worship, and serve in their home communities. Often times in church security people use the verse Nehemaih 4:9 as a passage to exemplify serving while protecting. For the AVODAH award we use Nehemiah 4:6. The people had a heart of ministry and worked, served and worshiped to accomplish God's task.

While we can't possible thank everyone (except to say thank you; so thank you!) we would like to publicly recognize a few people across the nation that their churches feel go above and beyond.

When you go to purchase tickets, you have a chance to nominate someone at your church and explain why you think the person should be nominated. When we compile all of the suggestions, we will pick two and the individual (in attendance of the conference) will receive an award publicly, and their church will receive a set of our ministry resources. If you choose not to nominate anyone, then simply type "N/A" in the required field below.

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Buy Tickets Here:

Ticket Options:

Purchase each session separately (that you or your team want to attend) 

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Purchase all events (ticket discounted over $30)

Have 10 or more attending? Contact us for a discount code!


Church Security Foundations- Friday, April 26th, 10am to 12PM Pre-Conference Workshop Session Ticket ONLY

Admission to Friday, April 26th, 10am -12pm, Church Security Foundations.
Ticket only good for this portion- Topics Covered: 8 Steps to Starting Your Team, Pastoral Protection, Crisis Incident Management.

(May be added to Church Security Essentials Conference ticket)

Seating limited to 150.


Church Security Simulation Challenge - Friday, April 26th, 1:30pm to 4:30PM Pre-Conference Workshop Session Ticket ONLY

Simulated training experience for your team and discussion on handling large and small scale events.
*Must have "Church Security Simulations Ticket" or "Complete Event" ticket to attend.*


Vendor Showcase & VIP Meet & Greet Reception - Session Ticket Only

VIP Meet & Greet - Friday Evening (April 26th) 6:30pm-8:30pm Only. With every ticket- receive a free signed copy of "5 Secrets To Ministry Team Success"! (a $16.99 value).

Take the opportunity to meet with conference sponsors and discuss your church needs. Light refreshments provided and seating limited to 100.

(May be added to Church Security Essentials Ticket)


Church Security Essentials

Saturday (April 27th, 2024) 7:30am-5:00pm (Main Conference)
Price locked in until February 14, 2024.

Saturday Conference - Church Security Essentials
4 Pillars to Church Safety & Security
Having a Ministry Mindset
Building Awarenes in Your Team
Women in Ministry
Pastoral Protection
Expert Panel
Avodah Award


Church Security Essentials & Church Security Fundamentals (on Friday Morning)

Attend the main event on Saturday, and Church Security Fundamentals on Friday (Does not inclued the Vendor Showcase/ VIP session). Limited Availability- **Save $5


Church Security Essentials & Church Security Simulation (on Friday Afternoon)

Attend the main event on Saturday, and Church Security Simulation on Friday afternoon. (Does not inclued the Vendor Showcase/ VIP session). Limited Availability- **Save $5
Ticket price is locked in until February 14, 2024.


Two Day Ticket (Complete Event) **BEST VALUE**

Admission for both days - all events (including VIP Reception), the 26th and 27th (Two Day Ticket) $30 off! **BEST VALUE**

Ticket price is locked in until February 14, 2024.

Total: $0.00


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